A Grand Adventure is better for the sharing of it…

We are hiding from a rain and wind storm in Jennis Cove with our traveling buddies. Tonight, God was truly showing off with a DOUBLE rainbow – maybe to make up for for the winds that are keeping us stuck when we are all ready for a little civilization like water for our tanks and a hook up to power.

My two women fellow travelers, one in her jammies, and I stood out on a swaying dock in the cold wind and even a few pelting raindrops to take pictures of a double rainbow stretching all the way across the sky. Try as we might, we just couldn’t get the whole rainbow into one photo on our cameras – just as we can’t possibly take in all the emotion of spending this adventure together, hugging and laughing and experiencing a time out of time.

We are so thankful, for our boats that carry us, our husbands who pilot them, this beautiful world that amazes us – every single day.image

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